Why to choose WordPress to create your website?

WordPress is completely an open source platform. It is used to build huge and vast websites. It is free to use for both personal and commercial enactment. It can also be used for making good looking and mighty websites in a shorter time. There are no hidden charges and input limits so you can run a small page or a huge page without any interruptions from the developer. WordPress has the maximum of available themes and plugins that you can use and can change the view of your website. It is easy to manage your own pages, blog contents and websites with using WordPress. WordPress is the most famous content management system (CMS). It is used by over millions of websites.

User Registration:

WordPress has very simple and easy administration panel to control the website. It has built-in user registration system which helps in allowing registrations and to create blog and websites.

The number of plugins:

WordPress has a large number of free plugins available. It is definitely created by web design experts and surprises everyone who own website.  It is very easy to install plugins. A man or person with minimum technical knowledge can install plugins easily. He can complete his work easily without the help of the professional programmer. Plugins help you to add photo galleries, sliders, contact form, shopping carts, forums, maps, videos and many more things in the easy and secure way.


There are a lot of themes created by the web designers and readily available online which are free of cost. Themes can make your website beautiful and effective. You just have to download the theme which you like your website and have implemented to your website. There are a number of themes available to enhance your website. Now we’ve been capable to make beautiful and successful sites by starting from pre-existing themes and templates and doing customizations from there. Because themes are open source and you can buy or download them and apply to your website. Remember that themes and templates are independent of your content so you can edit or change it anytime.

No Editor Required:

You can easily edit your website of WordPress by logging in from any computer. There is no need for installation of other software. You can edit your blogs and pages from anywhere by just logging in. No software like Adobe Dreamweaver is required to edit the HTML pages.

SEO friendly:

Google become friendly when you use websites of WordPress. It provides search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing that will embrace your website when you use WordPress as your content management system. Every blog or news will be posted rapidly and listed in search engines without any user interference. With the use of some SEO plugins or just built-in permalinks and easy linking available in WordPress, there can be a high boost applied to get off the site on Google.

Social Media Integration:

WordPress has provided the effective integration of all the social media platforms. It provides many various ways for peoples to connect with Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus and many other social websites.

Highly Compatible:

All the themes, templates and various versions of WordPress are advances to work with all the platforms including Mac, Android, iOS, and mobiles. The page display will automatically change to suit a mobile phone, tablet and desktop screen. WordPress allows a huge variety of users to access your website with ease and it also uses the latest HTML 5 which provides a captivating visual experience. 

Huge Community:

WordPress has vast and huge community worldwide. If you need help related to any content you can easily get help from professional. There are many tutorials and forums which help you from the starting to use WordPress to its full potential. Due to its large community in a way, there is no lack of support and developers who work to create and upgrade websites.

Accessible Sites:

WordPress sites are generally built on easy and accessible technologies. It is easy to install on Windows or Linux servers. It uses all the free license servers.

WordPress Security:

WordPress is secured from all the bugs, spam, and hacking that generally takes place on open a source website. It helps in getting rid of spam and bugs with a single click and with additional plugins security.


These above reasons are very impressive for a website to offer and to use it for free. That is why it is a perfect place for beginners to start website by using WordPress. They can start their website with the minimum budget but maximum impact.

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